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The world has changed… I bought at bike!

I've had my license for about five years, and one thing or another (some legitimate excuses, some not) has held back an actual bike purchase. That all changed when I listened to my husband (host of Your Bike Life) interview the publisher of Women Riders Now recently.

Friends don't let friends eat Steak Tartare

Let me just say "ugh" right now and get it out of the way. During Photoshop World East in Miami this past week, I was goaded into trying Steak Tartare by some buddies. Two small bites was all I could handle and believe you me, that was two bites too much. My advice: don't let this happen to you. To those who did the goading (Deke, Garth, and Ed), shame on you! I'm still suffering. Super-duper ugh.

Ben's magical bus

While in Miami for Photoshop World, I got to be one of the first to visit Ben Willmore’s new bus. The Wacom guys and I enjoyed watching him show us all the gadgets and special lighting (I personally think he needs a hydraulic stripper pole in the center of that walkway!).

Scroll Zoom

This is a terrific tip for those of you with a scroll-wheel on your mouse, and even better for those with a sideways scroll "pea" (like that on Apple's Mighty Mouse).

Just choose Photoshop (or Elements) > Preferences > General and check the Zoom with Scroll Wheel box as shown below. Sweet!

Headed home from the Great White North

Well I just finished sitting on top of my suitcase to get the darn thing zipped so I'm about ready to head out. One more breakfast meeting, then the sweetest Your Mac Life listener ever, Maurice Shevalier (pictured with me above), is going to lead me back to the airport. I haven't had a chance to write about the earlier part of the week when I was accosted by immigration, how Delta lost my clothes, or the stomach virus but hey... there's time for that. For now, I posted some pictures of the beautiful snow the wonderful people at iStockphoto were so kind to arrange for me.

Calgary or bust!

WOO HOO! I finally made it! Maurice Shevalier met me at the airport (with all the delays this was his second trip there--ugh). After an hour of being accosted by immigration (I screwed up royally and told them I was here for WORK), Maurice treated me to a fantastic pub in the airport where I was able to relax with a nice, frosty Alexander Keiths. Damn that was good beer.

Maurice even bought me a beautiful white Calgary cowboy hat and Stampede buckle, along with the best chocolate I’ve ever put into my mouth. Whee! I love Canadians :)

Stuck in Salt Lake City

I now own the coolest travel brush ever. It's amazingly functional and pleasingly compact. It has half inch bristles that are stiff enough to comb through my long hair, though soft enough not to hurt, and it folds up to fit in my purse. How cool is that?! I've been on the lookout for a good travel brush for awhile now, and as you might imagine, they're hard to find.

Zapping Photoshop Preferences

Sometimes good software just goes bad. If that ever happens to your beloved Photoshop, and you begin to experience weirdness in various forms, it may be time to rebuild its preferences.

Though, instead of rooting around your hard drive to zap this file on your own you can make Photoshop do it all by itself. The trick is to hold the Command, Option, and Shift keys (PC: Control-Alt-Shift) when you first launch the program.

Big Camera vs. Little Camera

This month, I was lucky enough to carry two Canon cameras cross country to both CES in Las Vegas, and Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The new Rebel XT, the world's smallest digital SLR (as of Feb.