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Thick and sort of tasty

It was bound to happen and I wanted everything to be just right when it did. Today, I drank (chewed?) my very first Guinness. It was formidable to be sure, and I believe I experienced it in the best way possible when not in Ireland: in Manhattan at a pub called The Irish Pub.

Mac love in Manhattan

I had a great time in Manhattan for the MacLive Conference where I taught a couple of classes. During the instructor dinner, we got to hang out with photographer Kevin Ames and his model/friend Sheryl. Shawn flew into town this afternoon so he was able to join in on the fun! Thanks to Bob LeVitus for these cute photos :)

More pictures live in the MacLive-NY link at the top of this page. If they decide to do this show again next year, be sure not to miss it! It’s a learning extravaganza :)

Doing the Dragon

What does one do four days after getting their motorcycle license? Well, they go ride the most technical road in the United States of course! It’s called The Dragon and it lives at Deal’s Gap, NC. It has 318 curves in 11 miles, and that’s me and Suzi on it above (photo from Killboy.com).

Cruising around in Clearwater, FL

Leslie Raguso

During a trip to speak at the InDesign User Group of Orlando, I got to spend a few days with my best girlfriend, Leslie Raguso. We had an outrageously great time gabbing, drinking sangria, and eating lots of delicious clams. We even did the touristy thing and took a sunset cruise on a pirate ship.

Leslie and I used to be on the Adobe Photoshop Seminar tour together as booth babes (back before I started teaching). We visited a different city every week for about two solid years. It was tiring but boy did we have ourselves some fun :)


Instead of anything resembling a normal Easter celebration, I took my husband out for lobster on Easter weekend (I had the crab). Though we only traveled about 20 minutes on the bike to downtown Nashville to a little shack called South Street Oyster Bar, the pictures were so scrumptious I thought they warranted an entry.

Top 1 Thing I Hate About iPhoto 6

iPhoto 6 is a wonderfully powerful tool and I love using it for photo importing and organizing, and for editing when I just don't have the time to play in Photoshop (or Elements) for more serious editing. My one complaint about this new version is that Apple is trying to force me into using iWeb for posting web photo galleries. That's right, they took away the "Publish to Home Page" option completely.

Top 6 Things I Learned

She's done! She's printed! I'm happy to say that the iPhoto 6 Missing Manual is ripe for purchase. As always, it's truly a joy to work on the Missing Manual series, and for this book I was honored to serve as production/tech editor and screen shot goddess.

Honeymooning in DC

My husband and I took a week off work and hopped on our big Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe and headed to Washington DC. I’ve never been to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and just couldn’t wait any longer. And what was I most excited about seeing? Why, the original Starship Enterprise of course!

Tons of pictures live here (built before I started using iWeb, yes).

The world has changed… I bought at bike!

I've had my license for about five years, and one thing or another (some legitimate excuses, some not) has held back an actual bike purchase. That all changed when I listened to my husband (host of Your Bike Life) interview the publisher of Women Riders Now recently.

Friends don't let friends eat Steak Tartare

Let me just say "ugh" right now and get it out of the way. During Photoshop World East in Miami this past week, I was goaded into trying Steak Tartare by some buddies. Two small bites was all I could handle and believe you me, that was two bites too much. My advice: don't let this happen to you. To those who did the goading (Deke, Garth, and Ed), shame on you! I'm still suffering. Super-duper ugh.