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How to achieve perfect inkjet prints

Over the last several months we’ve covered numerous tips for producing better prints, and it’s a lot of information to remember. This article presents a handy recap as well as a guided tour through the Print dialog boxes of popular software such as iPhoto, Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS5—including tips for borderless printing.

Printing recap

Corel Painter 12 review

It's hard to imagine how an artistic program of the caliber of Painter could improve, but the folks at Corel have managed it. Painter 12 introduces a brand new interface, redesigned panels and dialogs, new Real-Media brush categories, and two painting modes you've got to see to believe.

Geared toward fine artists and hobbyists alike, the program continues to expand the boundaries of what's possible in digital painting... read full story on Macworld.com

How to print multiple images on one page

When it comes to printing images at home—whether they be drawings, graphic art, or photos—the cost of paper and ink add up quickly. That's why it's handy to know how to print several images on the same page.

How to use printer profiles for color fidelity

Getting your prints to match what you see on your monitor is one of the biggest challenges you'll face when dealing with digital art or photography. This article explains how you can use printer- and paper-specific instructions—called profiles—to achieve more accurate results.

First Look at the new Adobe iPad-Photoshop integrated apps

Feel like playing with your iPad and getting creative in Photoshop? You're in luck! Adobe has announced a free update to Photoshop CS5 that includes the Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK), a new scripting engine that lets developers create tablet applications that interact with Photoshop... read full story on Macworld.com

How to resize small images for print

For better or worse, there will come a time when you need to print a small image. Whether you snatched it from the Web—say, a book or DVD cover from Amazon or a head shot of your organization's next speaker—or you received it from someone who no longer has the original, the problem is the same: small images contain precious few pixels for you to work with. If they came from the Web, they'll have... read full story on Macworld.com

Spotlight: iPhoto '11: The Missing Manual

I'm thrilled to say that I finalized my latest book, iPhoto '11: The Missing Manual, this past weekend. Yippee! It's off to the printer and should hit book store shelves in late March, though you can pre-order it on Amazon now (wherein it should ship to you on March 30).

How to resize digital images for printing

As the quality of digital cameras goes up, so does the volume of pixels they can capture. These days, shooting in your camera's highest quality mode can yield an image bigger than your printer can actually print. While most image editing programs are happy to resize your photo for you in their respective print dialog boxes, knowing how to do it yourself gives you more control.

Image resolution–the key to excellent prints

When it comes to image editing, resolution is one of the toughest concepts to understand. It's also the most important concept to grasp when it comes to printing photos that look good. In this article you'll learn what the heck resolution really is, when you need to worry about it, and how to tie those concepts into your final printed image.

To make sense of it all, we'll start by taking a closer look at your digital photos to see what they're made of... read full story on Macworld.com

Design Tips for Holiday Greeting Cards

Designing your own holiday cards makes for fun, creative, and deeply personal messages to friends and family. Armed with your trusty Mac and a digital camera, the design possibilities are endless! Here are three ideas to get your creative juices flowing fast... read full story on Macworld.com