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Hello Austin!

I've been here just barely over 24 hours and already there's been two Flaming Dr. Peppers and one "fish couch" involved.

I'm here for the iStockalypse event and to be quite honest, I'm *still* recovering from last week in Ojai, CA (and not in the good happy way either). You'll notice there were no pictures. Pictures would have required going outside and being in somewhat of a Recreational Mode, and that, my friends, didn't happen. I didn't even go out to dinner :(

Meeting my very own Guitar Hero

You know, even as I type this I still can't believe it, but yesterday I met Megadeth. M-E-T met. As in made eye contact with, had a conversation with, exchanged laughs with kinda MET. This was merely my second Personal Rock Star Encounter and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you I thought I was going to throw up. No joke. Ask Shawn, he was there (and got some great pictures).

I get to meet Megadeth!

Well, so much for being able to concentrate on work today. I just got a call from long-time Your Mac Life listener (and iStockphoto exclusive contributor), Charles Silvey. He's arranged for me to meet The Most Amazing Metal Band of All Time tomorrow afternoon!

:::::dances around house:::::

Heavy metal heaven!

Okay, headbanging is hard work! I am *so* fracking exhausted. I can barely move my neck or lift my arms (one must work hard for encores!).

America on fire

I arrived in Orlando the other day to teach at the CRE8 Conference (otherwise known as the Adobe Acrobat & PDF Conf). During the flight, it looked like half the continent was on fire! Every morning when I leave my room, the air is thick with the smell of smoke. It's very odd and makes me crave roasted marshmallows.

A day with the Yankees

Shawn's birthday was coming up fast and I after much searching on the vast Internet ("it's just a series of tubes...") I actually found him an English Bulldog puppy. Unfortunately, I didn't have the guts nor the cold hard cash to actually buy it (I'm a bit of a commitment-phobe, plus Puppies of Westport wanted $3,200 which I thought was steep unless the dog actually makes coffee and performs other such butler services).

Visiting Mount Vernon

During a trip to DC this past weekend to do a preso at Washington Apple Pi (a Mac User Group), Shawn and I got to visit Mount Vernon. I'd never visited George Washington's home before and had no idea what to expect; and wow, I was shocked at both how much there was to see and how spectacular it was. Click on the photo above of me in "macro mode" or the beautiful daylily below (both shot with a Canon Rebel XTi) to see the photo gallery. Some of the flowers in this formal garden were planted by George himself!

Food photography is dangerous

Those of you who have followed my photographs for some time have surely noticed a recurring theme—that of food.

This past weekend I found myself in Old Town Alexandria, VA at the Chart House restaurant with good friends Ron and Pat Faquet and I ordered the most amazing dessert I've ever seen (click photo for slight enlargement).

This was taken with the kit lens on my Canon Rebel XTi. The only thing I did in post was adjust the white balance in Lightroom. No sharpening, no additional color correction, no cropping.

A night with the Dodgers

After flying out of Dallas en route to LA in the midst of multiple killer tornadoes (seriously) I arrived in LA to speak at the Travel Writers Editorial Conference. I sat in on a panel about crowdsourcing and how iStockphoto is a crucial image resource for publications with declining budgets.

An afternoon off

After finishing work early, I decided to take a much needed break and retire to Kat's back yard in Fort Worth with my Rebel XTi and all her animals (click this picture to see the whole gallery). The acoutrements in this photo just made the afternoon that much more enjoyable.