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Design Tips for Holiday Greeting Cards

Designing your own holiday cards makes for fun, creative, and deeply personal messages to friends and family. Armed with your trusty Mac and a digital camera, the design possibilities are endless! Here are three ideas to get your creative juices flowing fast... read full story on Macworld.com

Lesa to coauthor iPhoto 11: The Missing Manual

It's official! I signed a contract last week to coauthor the forthcoming iPhoto 11: The Missing Manual with David Pogue. I'm unsure of the release date, though you can preorder a copy through Amazon. Yippee!

As you may know, I've worked with David for some time on his various projects, and was his personal assistant for about six years. Therefore, I'm super excited to be working closely with him again.

The Making of a Missing Manual

It's official, Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual is fresh off the presses!

How to Communicate More Effectively in Business with Graphics

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to the folks who started the Duct Tape Marketing movement at their annual coaches gathering in Boulder, CO— is an incredibly smart and motivated group of people from all over the country. During the workshop, I had the pleasure of meeting and being interviewed by a wonderful marketing guru from Vancouver, WA (you can watch the video by clicking the link farther down in this page).

Remembering to Relax

I've had some personal challenges over the last couple of months and as you may have noticed, I gave myself permission to take a break from updating this site. I won't share the details of the challenges, as they're not important, but what I would like to share are some of the things that are helping me get through difficult days, just in case they might help you too:

Confessions of a Comic Con Virgin

This past Friday I had the immense joy of attending the first of many Comic Cons in NY. Escorted by the much talented and esteemed colorists of DC Comics: Patricia Mulvihill, Tanya and Richard Horie. In this photo, Trish is on the left, then me, Tanya, and another DC freelancer (eep! can't remember his name).:insert screaming here: OMG I HAD SO MUCH FUN!

There were statues, t-shirts, books, figurines, stickers, puppets (don't ask) and all manner of goodness from BSG, B5, Star Trek, Buffy, Watchmen (which I can't wait to see), and so on.

My fantasy road race team

I'm so unbelievably A.D.D. I can get distracted in the blink of an eye. Today one of my (many) distractions -- while I should've been writing a big honkin' column that's due Friday -- was to form a fantasy road race team.

My team, "Lesa's Hotties" are pictured above. I'm a little miffed that Lorenzo appears above Rossi in the grid though but I couldn't figure out how to modify that without starting over. Frak.

Book Spotting!

This past Saturday night I treated myself to a trip to my favorite book store: Barnes & Noble. I went to stock up on some great sci-fi books (a list follows) but as I trotted across the parking lot, I wondered, "Oh holy Thor! Will*my* book be here?!" And sure enough it was. I can't tell you how surreal it felt to see it on the shelf. The manager even came over and got me to sign them so they could slap the "autographed copy" sticker on the cover. Wow! I was so proud. For those of you who haven't yet picked up a copy, O'Reilly's wonderful 40% off sale lasts thru Feb. 14.

Starting 2009 off right!

Looking back, I'm truly saddened to see the date of my last travel blog post. I even had some amazing trips in 2008, including a one month stay in the Mediterranean and Italian countryside! However, the biggest trip I took was that of writing my first book. It's called Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual and weighs in at a hefty 800+ pages. This endeavor consumed five months of my life, kept me off my beloved F800ST (aka Saphira), and away from most every human I love.