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Much fun at the Golden Nugget

Yes it's in the seedy downtown area and I frackin' love it. I'm talking about one of my favorite hotels in Las Vegas: The Golden Nugget. While I was there for PMA (Photo Marketing Assoc), my mom met my husband and I there and we all had a blast. Where else can you get an $8 filet mignon eggs benedict and play $5 three-card poker?! Mama and I also enjoyed a decadent spa day. Then we all relaxed in a pool with... well... a bunch of sharks!

Check out the pictures because it just doesn't seem real. Video of the water slide through the acquarium lives here!

QuickTip: Super Delete in iPhoto

Normally, iPhoto won't allow you to delete a photo from its database if you select it from within an album. If you do press Delete in that situation, it's zapped from the album, but remains in the library. Arg.

However, if you hold down the Option + Command keys and then press Delete, KAPOW! It's gone from both, just like that!

Red Rock Canyon photo shoot with Panasonic

While in Vegas for PMA, Shawn and I had the pleasure of taking a Hummer out into the desert for a private photo shoot with Panasonic. Click here to see the gorgeous photos I snapped with the new Lumix DMC-TZ3; a really sweet, 7 megapixel camera with 10x optical zoom and a 28mm wide-angle Leica lens.

Lesa and Tiffani do Orlando

I'm going to Disney World! Or actually, I just went. While working the NRB convention in Orlando on behalf of iStockphoto, Tiffani and I somehow managed to pack Disney World, Epcot and our beloved Kennedy Space Center (we're both huge NASA geeks) into 1.5 days. I don't quite know how we did it, but it was great fun! Tiffani took some fantastic pictures with her Canon Rebel, which I've posted here. We also shot a video of us floating in space while at Epcot. What fun we had! Hope you enjoy the pictures and video.

How to Avoid Icon Clumping

When you drag multiple items from a folder or mounted network volume onto your Desktop, the icons often appear stacked on top of each other, like so:

To avoid this, try dragging them onto the Desktop icon in the sidebar of a Finder window, like this:

The items will then appear on your Desktop arranged in a nice and tidy grid.

Photoshop Brush Cursor

Last week I had the pleasure of catching one of my idols' sessions at PhotoPlus in New York City. Her name is Julienne Kost and when I grow up I want to be just like her. She's one of the best teachers on the instruction circuit and if you get a chance to catch one of her sessions, beg, steal or borrow to get yourself there.

Therefore, here's a little QuickTip plucked from her session which I believe you'll find most useful.

How to Show Size

My good friend Scott Kelby has churned out yet another book, and personally, it's fast become one of my favorites. It's called The Digital Photography Book and if you've ever dreamt of taking better photos, or if you're a seasoned pro wanting to improve your game, or if you own a digital camera of ANY KIND you have to get this book. It's packed full of fantastic tips, like:

Finding Missing Handles

This is me and Garth Johnson, the business development guru at iStockphoto. We're trottin' down 6th Street in Austin, TX last week after finishing up at Flash Forward.

Ever tried to resize or crop an image that's larger than your document size? Certainly not an impossible task, but finding the missing handles can be an exercise in frustration.

The fix, my friends, is screamingly easy: Just press Command + 0 (PC: Ctrl + 0) for Fit on Screen and poof! The document resizes to a point where you can see the previously missing handles.

Point-and-Shoot Girl Goes Digital SLR

My name is Lesa King and I'm a point-and-shoot addict. While I'm writing this, it's been 42 minutes since my last shot (a beautifully plated Salmon omelet during Sunday brunch). I admit it, a cute little Canon PowerShot SD30 (5.1 megapixel) goes with me everywhere nestled snugly inside my purse, enabling me to capture culinary delights heretofore never before seen.

I'll Spend My Summers in Calgary

I’m taking this weather home with me on Friday, that’s all there is to it. Every day this week I’ve enjoyed blue skies, 95 degrees temperatures with zero humidity. If you live in the South, you’re green with envy, I know you are.

My flights were uneventful, save for sprinting from one terminal to another (B to E) in Salt Lake City. I even snapped this beautiful shot of a sky full of white puffy clouds during one leg. More importantly, I didn’t get accosted by immigration this trip. Yay!